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We are a team of like-minded professionals, inventive and relaxed people with proficient attention to detail. 


Since our doors opened in 2018, we have planned everything to make your visit feel casual yet remarkable. Elements like our approach to plating, the decor, the personalized service, and the mixologist’s unique inventions make Betula an elevated experience that never lacks originality.


Laurent Cantineaux is the Chef and Owner of Betula Aspen and Bonito Saint Barth.

A native of Paris, Laurent has worked around the world with renowned chefs such as Guy Savoy, Michel Troisgros, and Daniel Boulud. Experiences that have been the basis of his gastronomic knowledge and professional work ethic.

With Juan C. Pérez Febres Cordero, his business partner for more than 20 years, he has opened and managed successful restaurants in Caracas, Miami, St. Barth, and Aspen.

Laurent Cantineaux - Chef Owner 

Mario Hernandez - Executive Chef

Jhonny Guzman - Sous Chef

Thibault Pichard - Sous Chef

Ricardo Gentilini - Sous Chef

Madeline Brown - General Manager

Paul Wijnen - Restaurant Manager

Agustina Fernandez - Reservations & Events Manager

Valentina Mendoza - Maitre d’Hotel

Vlad Luga - Wine Director

Justin Hass - Bar Manager

Gianpaolo Camporeale - Resident Dj

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