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Chef Laurent offers delicious hot dishes prepared in an old-style rotisserie that he brought from France.  Also, expect scrumptious fish, ceviches, and delicious desserts to end your visit.

He and his team work with ingredients sourced from first-rated merchants, which can be tasted in every bite.


While the scene allows you to enjoy a lot of open kitchen action.


"There’s no shortage of fine dining in Aspen. But for haute cuisine in an al fresco setting, it’s hard to beat Betula, a French-Pan-American restaurant that draws on flavors of South America and the Caribbean. This season, ceviches and watermelon Champagne cocktails will feel right at home on a classy rooftop patio with views over one of Colorado’s iconic towns"

The Denver Post

" According to several goop staffers, Betula is where you want to post up après ski. The interior exudes Parisian glamour, the DJ rages all weekend, and the food is as refined as it is delicious"



"The ambiance was incredibly relaxing, unpretentious and inviting – the perfect environment to catch up with an old friend. We felt like we were at a dinner party with good friends. The restaurant’s cozy warmth and promising gastronomic experience was one I will be returning to very soon".

The Aspen Times


Delight in never-before-seen creations thought up by our team of mixologists. They are also known for mastering the classics. 

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